Located in Porto, in the north of Portugal, Rofinor Têxteis, renowned in the industrial sector, is a family line company with several decades of experience in the textile industry.

Our know-how, acquired over the years, guarantees the right product for each customer.

Our fabric is particularly suitable for the manufacturing of workwear, and with it we aim to reach new markets.

We are now an export company currently supplying more than 30 countries worldwide, and with a continual search for new business opportunities and challenges.


Every company requires a dynamic and qualified team, conscious of the market needs, who strives to meet the customers' requirements.

Teamwork and language skills are required in order to assure good business connections with foreign markets.

Rofinor is, therefore, made up of skilled professionals able to communicate in each market's target language.

Our team is constantly available to fulfill customers' needs and provide them with closer and personalized support in order to guarantee their satisfaction.

Rofinor Texteis,Lda.